Raspanti’s Pietra Serena sandstone

The pietra serena sandstone is being extracted by Raspanti family since 1953 in Piancaldoli, a lovely place on the Appenine hills, between the provinces of Bologna and Florence. The family Raspanti has been in the pietra serena business for more than 60 years. The extraction of the sandstone is made by the owners of the caves directly. Then, thanks to the cooperation of very skilled banker masons the sandstone is worked into different manufacts, objects, architectural elements.

Cava Pietra Serena

Pietra Serena extraction and processing in Piancaldoli

They manufacture complements for the building industry such as sills, lintels, frames, stairs and slab stone floors made with different techniques. They also manufacture fire places, edgings, architectural complements for gardens, fountains, benches and also blocks and slabs.

The rough stone is worked according to different traditional and modern techniques.