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Pietra serena manufacture

This kind of sandstone is usually extracted in some areas in Tuscany and some very important Italian writers talked about it in the past such as Giorgio Vasari in 1500. It seems that Dante called it the “macigno” i.e. big block of stone (The Hell XV, 63).

It was used for the building of works of art and famous buildings such as the Uffizi, the church of Saint Lorenzo and Saint Spirit in Florence. Long before it has been used by the Etruschi to build the walls of Fiesole. More recently pietra serena has been used to build Apple Stores floors worldwide. Steve Jobs himself has chosen our typical sandstone to beautify his well known stores.

The pietra serena is also used for the floors. Florence, Siena and Arezzo are mainly floored with pietra serena sandstone.

Here below are some of most common types of processing (roll over or click on photos to see descriptions): striking, flamed, polished, reamed striped, diagonal striped, straight old style, straight striped, sanced, hand chiseled, blade chiseled, chiseled.

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