Raspanti’s Pietra Serena

The Raspanti family is in the business of the pietra serena stone extraction since 1953, in Piancaldoli, Firenzuola, in the province of Florence. The cave of the family is located in Piancaldoli between the provinces of Bologna and Florence, on the border of Romagna and Tuscany regions. The small village still preserves the old tradition of the classic pietra serena stone craftsmanship. Pietra serena is a grey sandstone and has been used since ancient times in architecture and sculpture.

Cave and laboratory in Piancaldoli

To traditional craftsmanship, the work of master sculptors, the industrial processing is flanked in the years thanks to the use of modern equipment, allowing a more rapid production of solid products, used in all construction sectors.

The Raspanti company’s products are of excellent workmanship, remarkable strength and durability; types ranging from all components for the building, arches, lintels for doors and windows, sills, stairs, walkways, outdoor paving, frontal for fireplaces, sinks, fountains, artistic decorative objects of various shapes and sizes for both internal and external, gardens and public places.

It continues the tradition of innovation without betraying itself by letting the stone evoke in time the thousands years through which it is been formed, full of warmth and solidity.